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Innovation Launch: Marketing Incubator

Pilot program: Innovation-Launch, a marketing incubator

We’ve been searching for a way to work with more of the great companies we meet through PioneerValley Innovation Nights and Mass Innovation Nights (Boston, MA) – companies we know need marketing and PR services but feel like they can’t afford them. We’re working with local organizations to offer a special pilot program – an affordable marketing and PR incubator kicking off in the Fall. We’ll offer a combination of workshops AND professional PR/marketing services from Anna Kleeberg Group of Holyoke, MA and Carlton PR & Marketing of Woburn, MA. The program is designed to get your startup on the right path to marketing success.

Most startups quickly learn that even the smaller PR and Marketing agencies in Boston won’t take them on for less than $10,000 a month. (This is what it costs to support a standard team at most larger agencies.)

Our budget-conscious group approach/program is designed to get startups and small companies on the right path marketing-wise, through a combination of small group workshops, services, coaching and consulting, including:

Integrated Marketing planning workshop – marketing programs, social media and public relations. We work with you to set marketing goals based on your business goals, determine the best strategy for you and work out the most effective tactics and programs.

Support includes:

- Messaging workshop – we work from your SWOT to determine your messaging.

- One press release (we create it for you) – one professionally written press release and the know-how to do it again; or at least how to work effectively with your PR team.

- Media list – we create a media list with your most important publications and reporters.

- Media relations – using targeted pitches, the news release and media list, we work to secure media coverage for you.

The basics :

- Set up the PR and marketing tools you need, and show you how to use them most effectively.

- Social media – we’ll help determine which social networks you should be using for your business and how to best utilize them.

- Content creation –we’ll help you create a content plan – blogs, social media posts, marketing content.

- Marketing programs – generate and capture leads for your sales team.

- Marketing through speaking engagements, awards and events.

- Group workshops and regular individual consults with a senior marketing and PR person.

- Get your marketing and PR questions answered by our experienced team.

- Ongoing guidance; Walk out with a go-forward plan.

Bonus benefits:

- Work alongside other great startups and entrepreneurs
- Reap the benefits of the Innovation Nights connections
- We’ll bring in other experts to talk with you and help you make the connections you need
- The small group guarantees a high level of attention and service