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Jill McCormick

Jill McCormick

Healthcare Innovation (How to get stuff done in healthcare) - Real change means overcoming real world issues like complex workflows, financial disincentives, and the culture of medical care.

Customer Development & Adoption - Get closer to your customers and understand their problems. To do this you need access to real healthcare, real patients, real clinicians, real systems, and real data.

Piloting and Proving solutions in real environment - Identify and overcome adoption barriers and prove the value of the solution. For health tech companies hoping to bring a solution to market, this means crossing a chasm between a potential solution and one proven in real-world medical settings.

Jill is an Innovation Manager at TechSpring, the Baystate Health Technology Innovation Center. She manages a portfolio of innovation projects ( in collaboration with commercial partners piloting their solutions at Baystate.

Jill has a background as a Product Development professional having worked as Manager of New Product Development for IDEXX Laboratories (life sciences products) and head of Sales & Marketing for Simply Good Medical Software. Jill started her career as a Research Scientist after completing a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Jill also has an MBA from Babson College.