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New World Hard Cider

Artifact Cider Project

Artifact Cider Project is a micro-ciderhouse based in Western Massachusetts. Combining classic cidermaking traditions with modern craft techniques, we use 100% Massachusetts-grown apples to produce good, local, honest hard cider. The Project is a...

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The Cappy

GPR Development

Simply put, The Cappy functions as an opener and allows the consumer to CLOSE their beverage can after opening. It slides easily on the can tab making opening effortless. It is available in 12 distinct colors to personalize your drink, prevents...

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Alfajor (al-pha-hor), is a typical Latin-American sweet very popular in Chile, Argentina, and other parts of the continent.
An Alfajor consists of two soft cookies joined by ‘dulce de leche’ (caramelized milk) and coated with chocolate.

Business Growth

The Business Growth Center at Springfield Technology Park

The Business Growth Center provides programs for existing businesses of all types get to the next level. Growth-oriented programs include seminars, workshops, and our signature Growth Advisory Program, based on our many years running a business...

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BridgeWays Inc.

Regardless of the size and structure of your IT environment, the challenge is always the same—monitor your IT infrastructure across several services, devices and operations in a simplified, efficient, secure and cost-effective manner. Tibanna...

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A Hint of Pink Jewelry

A Hint of Pink Jewelry

Jewelry is both a passion and an intricate craft. Using the most precious of materials and the finest of methods, we produce masterpieces that satisfy even the most discerning jewelry shopper. Come stop by our store and be dazzled by our...

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Wave Threaded fasteners

Van Cor Threads, LLC

Wave threads are total surface fasteners that are 20% stronger; form an inherent seal, conduct heat, transmit vibration resulting in less fatigue; and cannot be over tightened. Patented applications include containers, pipes, valves and...

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